• Mourning Father Constructs NFT From Daughter’s Murder Video

  • Andy Parker, the father of slain journalist Alison Parker, is attempting to get the footage of her murder removed from the internet. In desperation, he made an NFT out of the video to finally prevent others from witnessing the awful video of his daughter’s dying moments.

    Alison Parker, a journalist for WDBJ, was assassinated while questioning a local politician on a live show. Alison and cameraman Adam Ward were both slain on the spot. A former colleague, a disgruntled employee who had been fired from the news station months before the tragedy, perpetrated the horrible deed.

    Andy Parker has been attempting to remove the footage from the internet for years. However, duplicates kept resurfacing, getting hundreds of thousands of views. Despite approaching streaming companies and social media sites, recordings of the crime can still be found on a number of websites.

    The majority of platforms are not held accountable for the content submitted by its users. They are, nevertheless, open to copyright claims. And it is for this reason that people with comparable complaints rely on copyright to have infringing content removed. Parker, on the other hand, does not own the rights to this video. It is the property of Gray Television.

    As a result, Parker attempted to claim ownership of the video by converting it into an NFT. Parker refers to it as a “Hail Mary” – a desperate deed.

    “Digital tokens could provide unique tests for how copyright rules apply in cases with mitigating circumstances,” says Moish Peltz, an intellectual property lawyer who specializes in blockchain, crypto, and NFT.

    Parker agrees that the NFT crisis has put him in an unfamiliar and frightening scenario. However, he believes that with the copyright issue, this is the only thing he can do for the time being.

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