• Mr Beast makes an investment in the blockchain-based game MetaWars

  • Before its official launch, MetaWars has amassed a sizable community. This high profile drew Mr Beast’s endorsement and investment.

    It is not difficult to find investors for new blockchain gaming projects. Attracting investors for new gaming projects who are also world-famous with over 70 million followers worldwide is extremely difficult. Yet this is exactly what MetaWars has done, confirming that mega YouTube star Mr Beast has personally invested in their brand-new space odyssey adventure game, which will be released soon on the cryptocurrency market.

    It’s easy to see why Mr Beast, who has his own gaming channel and wields enormous power, would be interested.

    The play-to-earn model is reshaping the gaming industry. Integration of blockchain technology is quickly becoming recognized as the way forward; however, its implementation is complicated and requires a great deal of planning and careful consideration.

    MetaWars is a project that is pushing the play-to-earn model forward, and it has done so with careful planning. The project intends to incorporate blockchain and NFTs into the game’s core mechanics.

    The NFT In-Game Assets Model and MetaWars

    MetaWars is a new online game that operates on the play-to-earn model. The game was built from the ground up with blockchain technology, crypto, and NFTs in mind. NFTs support every asset and resource that players use in the game universe.

    Players can trade in-game items in the MetaWars marketplace by backing them all with NFTs. The game’s economy will be dynamic, player-driven, and fair. For a transparent player experience, everyone will be able to verify the NFTs using a blockchain explorer.

    MetaWars operates on a dual-token economy. First and foremost, the $WARS token is used as a governance tool, a staking asset, in NFT auctions, and to win rewards. Second, the $GAM token can be used to purchase upgrades, obtain booster packs, and gain access to exclusive events. Both tokens will contribute to the game’s economy.

    MetaWars has thoroughly examined its blockchain integration and game mechanics. The three crypto assets – NFTs, $WARS, and $GAM – are meant to complement one another. The game is designed from the ground up with blockchain technology in mind, in order to provide a rewarding and fair gaming experience.

    Mr Beast has a personal stake in MetaWars.

    The cryptocurrency space is all about community, and having prominent endorsements is one way for people to learn about a project and assess its seriousness. Community engagement is the best metric for assessing the potential success of any new project, according to crypto enthusiasts.

    Before its official launch, MetaWars has amassed a sizable community. This high profile drew Mr Beast’s endorsement and investment. Mr Beast is an individual content creator who has amassed over 71 million subscribers and more than 9 billion views on his popular YouTube channel, which is one of the top 20 channels on the platform.

    His involvement with MetaWars will undoubtedly draw new attention to the game. Furthermore, it will energize the game’s already engaged audience. It’s impressive to see a project garner so much attention even before it’s released.

    MetaWars in the Future

    For early backers, the project is holding an NFT auction. The event begins on October 21st and concludes on October 27th. The event’s network is Binance Smart Chain, and participants must have BNB coins to participate in the auction.

    The token generation event (TGE) will also take place on the 27th. For those who want to mark their calendars, the token will be launched on PancakeSwap once more. MetaWars is a game and cryptocurrency project worth keeping an eye on. It is providing unique crypto-based game mechanics and has received some significant endorsements.

    Mr Beast’s direct investment is a significant boost at a critical juncture, and the NFT auction and TGE event will garner even more attention now. More new MetaWars developments are expected in the near future.

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