• NBA Top Shot sales have increased 128 percent as a result of new drop features. Shaquille O’Neal’s

  • Following the October 14 release of a new booster pack series called “Run it Back 05-06,” NFT data aggregator CryptoSlam! reported a 128 percent increase in sales of digital trading card collection NBA Top Shot.

    The new Run it Back campaign focuses on a watershed moment in NBA history. Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat was elevated from All-Star to Superstar during the 2005-2006 season, and he was awarded the laurel wreath of Finals MVP.

    The new NBA Top Shot release includes the very first Dwayne Wade Top Shot moments. He is one of six NBA Hall of Famers making their series debuts, along with Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Ben Wallace, and Tracy McGrady.

    The collectibles are not cheap at $169 per pack, but each pack contains one highly collectible Run it Back moment numbered 1-990 and four “archive set” moments numbered 10,000-20,000. Archive sets are a new addition to the Top Shot series, designed to make it easier for new collectors to acquire historical NBA moments.

    According to NBA Top Shot’s Twitter account, boosters are selling out at a rate of “7 purchases per minute.” “Over the last 24 hours,” he continues, “we’ve seen 9,921 purchases of Run It Back 2005-06 Moment Collectibles alone.”

    When NBA Top Shot was released last October, it got off to a fast start. Before the series’ closed beta pool of 17,000 users purchased 43,000 randomized boosters, netting NBA Top Shot over $2 million in revenue at launch.

    Since then, NBA Top Shot has made nearly $750 million in sales through 10.5 million transactions from over 350,000 buyers. Pranksy, an NFT collector, also got involved. In honor of LeBron James’ birthday, he spent $105,000 on Top Shot at the start of the year.

    NBA Top Shot’s sales peaked on February 22nd, when $45 million was reported in a single day. The following day, a group of collectors set a series record by paying $208,000 for a LeBron James highlight.

    By mid-summer, the hype had died down, and NBA Top Shot’s daily sales have only occasionally surpassed the $1 million mark since then. Daily sales for Run it Back 05-06 reached $4.5 million on the day it was released.

    However, this week’s frenzy over the new Run it Back set suggests that the NBA Top Shot sales boom is far from over.

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