• NekoCore NFT: These Adorable Mecha Cats Will Be Available on March 18th

  • Do you like cats and mechas? Then the NekoCore NFT collection is perfect for you! On the Ethereum blockchain, NekoCore showcases 9,999 cute cats piloting insane mechas. For those who are unfamiliar, mechas are enormous armoured robots that are normally commanded by someone inside the robot and are frequently featured in anime and manga. These mecha cats, created from over 300 qualities and each with their own stats, are ready for combat!

    All of the NekoCore NFTs have been illustrated by artist Jed Henry. There are four complete sets of original artwork in the collection, including six 1/1 Neko Kings. Actually, the NFT project is more than just a collecting endeavor. Aside from high-quality generative art, the initiative promises entertainment usefulness, mint passes for Jed’s future collections, and other benefits. Furthermore, the team comprises accomplished game developers who are working on the Tournament, in which mecha cats will compete for prizes.

    “We’re happy to have created a well-rounded NFT Project,” said the NekoCore team. “We believe we’ve merged several features that, in certain situations, would have taken up the entire scope of other projects.”

    NekoCore NFT will host a number of intriguing tournaments.

    To begin with, the NekoCore universe delivers an intriguing story. The story takes place in the year 9999, when cats are the dominant species. Cat King Tetsur decides to hold a competition to commemorate the approaching Decamillennium. Mecha fighters from several cat clans will engage in head-to-head combat here.

    The Decamillennium Tournament will begin once 10% of the NekoCore NFTs are sold out. In essence, all newly manufactured NekoCore Mechs will immediately enter the competition, and their Drivers can leave the fighters to combat on their own. Drivers can also change the settings on their Mecha to better prepare for battles. The tournament winners will get special Bronze, Silver, and Gold NekoCore NFTs. To be sure, these NFTs are exclusively available to members through competitions.

    The month-long competitions will be held every month for the next two years. Initially, the Mechas will fight in groups of five. They will eventually engage in head-to-head combat. Furthermore, each event will have its unique terrain that favors specific stats. The winners will be determined by statistics and dice rolls.

    “We’re happy of our creative technique of boosting usefulness by giving away some of the set’s best pieces to holders in a fun fashion that doesn’t need any regular clicking or other commitments,” the team noted.

    What is the project’s next step?

    For the time being, the NekoCore team is concentrating on their drop and the development of the tournament. They plan to add more features to the competition in the coming future to make it more appealing. If the initiative is a success, members can look forward to future games in which they can use their NekoCore NFTs.

    If you want to be a part of this awesome cosmos, make sure to pick up an NFT in the future drop. On March 17, the pre-sale will begin at 0.06 ETH per NFT. The public mint will then open at 1 p.m. ET on March 18 at a price of 0.09 ETH.

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