• Nervos token CKB will be supported by Ledger

  • According to a news statement, leading hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has implemented support for CKB, Nervos Network’s native coin. Users of the Nano S and Nano X wallets can now hold, transmit, and receive CKB as of today.

    Hardware wallets have a number of advantages.

    Cold (hardware) wallets, such as Ledger, ensure that the user’s private keys are completely isolated from a potentially vulnerable device. Nervos users can now store CKB in Ledger, which has a high level of security.

    They will also have access to the Ledger Live App’s entire array of services, which they may use with the Nano S or Nano X.

    CKB guarantees immutability and security.

    CKB (Common Knowledge Base) is the Nervos Network’s tier 1 public, proof of work, permissionless blockchain protocol. Users may store any crypto asset with Bitcoin’s immutability, security, and permissionlessness while permitting L2 and smart contract scaling.

    As users take advantage of the many new dApps on the Nervos blockchain, which is EVM-compatible, Ledger may be utilized as part of the integration to sign transactions securely.

    Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos, had this to say:

    The ability to safely store your private keys in a cold storage wallet is a crucial feature for transacting inside our dApp ecosystem. The completion of this integration, which will give everyone with a new manner of not only transacting but also safely storing their CKB, has been greatly anticipated by our community.

    For Nervos, this is a crucial stage.

    The completion of the Ledger integration is a critical step for the Nervos platform because it wants to provide the highest quality integrations to its fast growing user group. As the number of dApps in the Nervos ecosystem continues to grow, community members may expect many more future integrations.

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