• NFT advertisements were posted on hacked Indian official Twitter accounts

  • The instances occurred after Narendra Modi’s account was stolen last December, when a fake message claiming that India had legalized Bitcoin emerged.

    Several Twitter accounts linked with India’s administrative and legislative entities have been compromised in recent days as a result of a series of hacks.

    NFT-related content promoting a project dubbed “Azuki” was posted on the hijacked accounts, leading some to believe that the hacking was carried out by the same individuals or entities.

    The most recent victim came from the Punjab unit of the Indian Congress – Punjab Congress – Twitter account. The intrusion caused the account to post more than 100 tweets in minutes, tagging random accounts allegedly associated with NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

    Last Saturday, the official account affiliated with the UP Chief Minister’s Office was hacked, with the old profile image replaced by a “bored ape” and hundreds of new tweets – most likely generated by bots – made to promote an NFT initiative dubbed “Azuki NFT.”

    The State Government’s account was also hacked on Monday. The attackers also promoted the same NFT project on Twitter, enticing individuals to participate in “Azuki Airdrops.”

    Because the attackers tweeted substantially similar tweets regarding NFTs and modified all of the pinned messages to the same promotional content for “Beanz Official Collection,” all of the above hacks were purportedly carried out by the same individuals or organization.

    “We have decided to give back to our community by distributing extra airdrop claims to holders of Azuki and other NFTs. Claim your airdrop of BEANZ and become involved with the Azuki ecosystem using the interactive Azuki NFT.”

    It’s important mentioning that following the hacks, all affected accounts were quickly recovered.

    Last December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account was hacked, with the attackers announcing that India had “officially recognized bitcoin as legal cash,” which was swiftly deleted after the account was recovered. Twitter maintained that the compromise was not the result of any technical flaws.

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