• NFT Characters Collection to be Released in Chimeras Play-to-Earn Game

  • The NFT gaming space has recently gone into overdrive, with a flurry of new and exciting projects being launched, each promising to be more groundbreaking than the last, and it appears that Chimeras is at the forefront of this gaming revolution.

    The Compilation

    The collection will include a total of 5,360 new NFTs based on the game’s two types of characters, Chimeras and the Chosen Ones, in a thrilling play-to-earn gaming world with integrated NFTs and DeFi farming. There will be 20 characters from The Chosen, as well as 268 variations and levels of stardom. These new characters will also be upgradeable in-game and will aid players in navigating the in-game world. Players will be able to extract resources, breed new Chimeras, craft in-game assets, fight in the metaverse’s arena, and form clans.

    Between November 20 and November 25, the first drop will take place. Participants can join the whitelist and gain exclusive access to the Chimeras community NFT contest by signing up on the official website.

    Token of Chimeras

    Chimeras raised a whopping $2 million in their most recent funding round last month, which will be used to further develop their play-to-earn platform. Polygon, Master Ventures, AU 21, Poolz, BullPerks, X21, OIG Invest, Panda Capital, Shima Capital, LVT Capital, Otis Capital, and Lotus Capital were among the investors who participated in the fundraising.

    Chimeras also launched a successful IDO on four platforms in October 2021. The native token, $CHIM, will be used to develop the in-game economy and allow players to purchase and trade NFT assets in-game. This includes purchasing NFT items, acquiring land plots, creating creatures, and upgrading your NFT items.


    Chimeras is a free-to-play mobile game in which players can earn money based on the content they create in-game as well as the actions and feats they complete. The game takes place in a fantasy world populated by farmers, alchemists, merchants, killers, landowners, and socials, and is centered on a fantasy world filled with cuddly creatures known as Chimeras.

    The metaverse’s islands and archipelagos spread out in the middle of a boundless world ocean, with some islands having owners, while travelers and merchants surf the universe’s expanses in search of adventures and profitable deals. Warriors compete in arenas for the breeding of the most amazing creatures, while scientists compete in their laboratories for the breeding of the most amazing creatures.

    The Group

    The project’s team consists of over 30 industry experts. It includes top marketing, blockchain development, game development, animation and art design, and project management professionals. The team is committed to developing a cutting-edge blockchain game with a primary focus on entertainment and play-to-earn.

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