• NFT Collection “Kevin Punks” Attempts To Capitalize On The Trend Hits 2ETH

  • According to the analytics firm IntoTheBlock, retail interest in the Bitcoin market may be returning. According to the on-chain analytics firm, the number of Bitcoin trader addresses holding less than 30 days, or short-term holders, is rapidly increasing in unison with the price growth of Bitcoin. It also adds that this group, which accounts for approximately 7% of all Bitcoin holders, has increased its balance by nearly 5%.

    Kevinmania is still rife in the NFT realm, as evidenced by Kevin Punks. These derivative NFTs are capitalizing on 2022’s largest meme in the NFT sector. And, believe it or not, they actually hit a floor price of 2 ETH today.

    Kevin Punks is a ridiculous homage to the new improbable NFT icon.

    It’s a well-known fact that the NFT space flows at the speed of light. Projects (such as Kevin Punks) vanish as swiftly as they appear. Influencers are canceled and then reappeared as if nothing had happened. And memes lose their luster after a single day. Kevin, on the other hand.

    Kevin is the meme that has taken over the NFT area, for those who don’t know — although I’m sure there aren’t many on NFT Twitter who don’t know by now. Nonetheless, unlike so many memes before him, Kevin has lasted a long time. Indeed, we’re on day four or five of the never-ending Kevin celebration. And NFT ventures like Kevin Punks are capitalizing on this.

    The first Kevin NFT derivatives appeared almost as quickly as the first viral memes. Given the evergreen nature of low-effort, CryptoPunk derivative NFTs, it seemed almost certain that someone would ultimately create a set of Kevin Punk NFTs.

    What was far from unavoidable was the Kevin Punks passing a 2 ETH floor earlier today. While the project did not maintain that level for long, the 500 NFTs are still trading at a 1.12 ETH floor at the time of writing.

    If you like, you can even join the project’s Discord server.

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