• NFT crystals from the Snark.art platform fetched more than $4 million

  • The NFT collection Organic Growth: Crystal Reef by artists Michael Joo and Danila Krivoruchko was sold out in three days on the Snark.art platform, earning more than $ 4 million.

    According to the collection’s creators, the final appearance of each crystal is determined by the history of the owners’ cryptocurrency accounts and can be purchased only after seven transactions or two months after the initial purchase.

    Organic Growth: Crystal Reef started at 0.10301 ETH (approximately $ 350) per unit on the project’s official website. The OpenSea platform will support resale.

    All crystals will be merged into a single piece of art in the form of a crystal reef two months after sales begin.

    Organic Growth: Crystal Reef’s creators will donate 3% of the collection’s profits to research in marine ecology and conservation biology, which will be overseen by Jennifer Smith’s laboratory at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California, Columbia.

    The laboratory’s ongoing research and monitoring of changes in coral reefs caused by waves and global warming will receive 80 percent of the donation.

    Scientists intend to spend 20% of the funds received on the publication of research on new species of oceanic invertebrates.

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