• NFT Labs Raises Over $2 Million In Private Funding For ITSMYNE, IDO To Launch On CardStarter Soon

  • NFT Labs is pleased to announce the completion of a $1,062,600 private round for its ITSMYNE marketplace. In addition, the team will organize an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) via the CardStarter platform. This IDO will aid in the equitable distribution of the project’s native token.

    NFT Labs and its ITSMYNE social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs continue to pique the interest of investors and non-fungible token enthusiasts around the world. The team has raised more than $1 million in private funding. Shima Capital, AU21 Capital, OraclesInvestment Group, Kangaroo Capital, BlockStart Ventures, CyberFi, and other investors participated in this round.

    The private funding round follows successful investment rounds for NFT Labs and ITSMYNE. A seed round of $207,000, a strategic round of $200,000, and a public round of $500,400 bring the total amount raised to $1.97 million. ITSMYNE’s main appeal is that it is designed for NFT enthusiasts to “talk and trade NFTs.”

    The NFT Labs team has some thoughts on the fundraising:

    “We believe that tapping into the value held by premium IPs, particularly in cinema and sports, can accelerate the collective forward momentum of the entire NFT industry.” These are industries with highly engaged but underserved audiences, and as a result, they lack the collective ecosystem that a motivated community can bring.”

    Users can begin collecting NFTs right away using the ITSMYNE platform. All non-fungible tokens are officially licensed and are part of a carefully curated collection sourced directly from the source. Furthermore, the ITSMYNE NFT minting process uses less energy than the Ethereum blockchain NFT minting process. It is a green initiative that aims to provide all participants with a sustainable blockchain future.

    The MYNE BEP-20 token will be available to more users through an Initial DEX offering (IDO) on the CardStarter platform. Users will be able to obtain MYNE tokens in order to gain access to the ITSMYNE platform and its partner products. Antler Singapore, LonghashX Filefcoin Frontier Accelerator, and HYPE Sports Innovation are among ITSMYNE’s accelerator partners.

    Aatash Amir, CEO of CardStarter, comments on the upcoming MYNE IDO:

    “Cardstarter is pleased to introduce a promising project to the social token economy.” ITMYNE fills an important void that will eventually serve as a bridge between traditional social media and blockchain-based social economies.”

    Concerning ITSMYNE

    NFT Labs, Inc.’s ITSMYNE is a social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs that allows NFT enthusiasts to “Talk NFTs, Trade NFTs.” MYNE is a BEP-20 token that is native to ITSMYNE and its partner products.

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