• NFT Project is being launched by an online casino in order to change the game

  • Rollbit is launching the first-ever NFT project from a casino, Rollbots, and this project, surprisingly, has the potential to change NFTs forever.

    Rollbit, a cryptocurrency-focused online casino, is pulling the trigger and launching their own NFT collection. This is the first-ever NFT project launched by a casino, online or offline, and they’re going all in.

    The Rollbits online casino platform debuted in February 2020, offering a diverse selection of online games. From slots to table games, game shows, in-house gaming, and more, there’s something for everyone. Rollbits is distinct from other online casinos in that it focuses on cryptocurrency. This makes their decision to enter NFTs, particularly utility NFTs, very intriguing.

    NFTs Rollbots

    Rollbots, a Rollbits NFT project, is very similar to other popular NFT collectible collections. The project is a collection of 10,000 NFT Robots that were generated algorithmically using over 180 different traits. Rollbits claims to have drawn inspiration for the project from other well-known projects such as CryptoPunks and Avaegotchi.

    Each Rollbot NFT also serves as the owner’s membership card. They will be similar to what a physical casino would offer in terms of VIP membership. The owner of a Rollbots NFT has access to a variety of unique and special benefits.

    The collection’s NFTs are a Pixar-styled digital art piece of a Robot. Each Rollbot is made up of over 180 different traits from seven different properties. Backgrounds, hats, bodies, clothing, teeth, and even eyes and ears are examples of these properties. Because each trait has its own rarity, some Rollbot NFTs are more rare than others.

    Rollbits’ project, however, does not end there. With their project, they hope to change the NFT collectible collection game. Unlike most other NFT collections, the NFT’s only value stems from its scarcity and the collection itself. Many people have criticized NFT collections because, aside from being digital art, they serve no purpose. With their Rollbots collection, Rollbits intends to change that.

    “By becoming the first crypto casino to launch a utility-focused NFT project, we are making our own piece of history in the era of the digital renaissance.” -Whitepaper on Rollbots

    The Rollbot NFTs will be more than just a pretty face; they will provide actual utility to their owner.

    Membership in Rollbots

    This isn’t the first NFT project to serve as the owner’s VIP Membership Card, and it’s unlikely to be the last. What distinguishes them are some of the benefits they intend to provide Rollbots owners. Each rollbot grants special privileges to its owner and ensures utility from the start.

    They can make Rollboxes, earn rakebaks, and earn a percentage of sales after their marketplace launches. Rollbits intends to introduce lotteries and Rollbot themed games in the future, which will provide Rollbot NFT holders with even more benefits.

    NFTs with the potential to change the game

    When an NFT project announces its launch, it usually comes with a detailed plan and a road map. What happens when they sell a certain number of NFTs, and what they intend to do with the project in the future. These plans are intended to assist the project in raising funds from NFT sales and in continuing to fund the project in the future.

    Rollbots, on the other hand, is not like that. Because Rollbits has been in business for nearly two years, they can incorporate utility into their NFT project from the beginning. The utility, on the other hand, is where things start to get interesting.

    To recap, each Rollbot NFT has one of seven different properties. Each Rollbot NFT property provides its owner with a unique utility benefit. For example, the hat a Rollbot has determined their share of profits from upcoming NFT marketplace sales. The body of the Rollbot determines how much Rollback the owner receives for their Rollbit account. Finally, the clothes the Rollbot wears determine the percentage of revenue generated by Rollboxes that the owner receives.

    Rollboxes are a way for Rollbot owners to earn money from NFTs other than Rollbots that they own. Owners of Rollbox NFTs build their own Rollboxes and play their own casino game as the House. The Rollboxes are then used in the same way that slot machines are. The Rollbox creator determines the game’s prize and winning probabilities. The Rollboxes are then played by other Rollbit casino users, who win or lose. In exchange for winning, the Rollbox creator receives a portion of the bet amount. Owners of Rollbots can use their Rollbots or other NFTs or crypto-cash as prizes in the game.

    This type of utility is uncommon in NFT projects and adds significant potential for future NFT projects. That CryptoPunk looks amazing, but can it actually do anything? Your Rollbot certainly can.

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