• NFT trading cards are offered by GameStop as extra benefits for participants in its rewards program

  • GameStop announced that it has expanded the benefits available to loyalty program participants. The move is moreover a step in the company’s broader foray into the virtual world.

    The GameStop PowerUp Rewards program was created by the video game, consumer electronics, and gaming goods retailer with its headquarters in Grapevine, Texas for its devoted customers. Members receive numerous benefits when they make purchases at the stores or participate in events hosted by the business or its partners.

    Now, GameStop is updating its rewards program to include more bonuses that are in line with the current trend. The company announced a collaboration with Immutable Games Studio to introduce NFT trade cards to the digital game “Gods Unchained.”

    These NFT trading cards will be available to GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Members. The video game store started its own NFT marketplace earlier this year, promising to specialize in game-related non-fungible tokens and other digital commodities.

    Additionally, it listed “Gods Unchained” as one of the games it will play. As a result, the news this week might help the aforementioned game’s attempt to increase its market position in the NFT gaming sector.

    Gods Unchained and other NFT-based games use the blockchain Immutable X, and this partnership marks GameStop’s most recent move into cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. This is also seen as a step in the faltering company’s effort to revamp its operations and get back on track.

    “Competition and strategic gameplay sit at the center of Gods Unchained. Not only will players tap into their skills to build their ultimate deck, but the ability for true ownership of cards also gives you the choice to acquire exactly what you need for your dream deck off the marketplace,” Gods Unchained executive creator and director, Chris Clay, said in a press release.

    He added, “That is one of the many reasons why Gods Unchained appeals to highly skilled players looking for a new level of control, challenge, and entertainment. With more exciting announcements on the way soon, this is the perfect time for GameStop PowerUp Pros to dive into the world of Gods Unchained.”

    Meanwhile, on September 27, redemption coupons will be emailed to GameStop PowerUp Pro Members. It should be noted that the deal is only open to GameStop PowerUp Pros members as of September 27.

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