• NFTify is pleased to welcome a special calligraphy master

  • NFTify, an e-commerce platform for non-profits, has recently added a new type of talent to its platform. Nguyen Su, a well-known calligraphy artist, is planning to open a store on NFTify in order to make his artwork more accessible to calligraphy fans in Vietnam and around the world.

    Nguyen Su works at the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences’ Buddhist Research Department. He also wrote the book The History of Vietnamese Calligraphy. Su is a calligraphy expert who has studied the history of Vietnamese calligraphy, which is still preserved in temples, steles, cliffs, caves, and paper.

    Su will help to preserve this ancient art form by tokenizing calligraphy with NFTs. His calligraphy pieces with NFT backing are an effective way of documenting the fine art of calligraphy. They also serve as proof of ownership, provenance, and the one-of-a-kind nature of calligraphy artwork.

    NFTify is similar to the Shopify of NFTs in that it provides a platform for NFT issuers and marketers to build an influential NFT marketplace and brand. NFTify shops include built-in services such as seamlessly issuing and selling NFTs at low fees, creating unique branding for issuing, selling, and trading NFTs, customizable plug-ins to promote NFT products and brands, research of copyright, duplicates, and similar tokens with NFTify AI Services, and trading NFTs cross-chain with other NFT markets.

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