• ‘Squid Game’ NFTs are being traded on OpenSea

  • An unidentified NFT (non-fungible token) creator on digital marketplace OpenSea with the user name 9194C0 has created nearly 2,000 NFTs that replicate the globally popular Netflix series ‘Squid Game,’ with some trading for more than 1 ETH.

    The NFTs are based on a card that appears in the television show, inviting the protagonist to participate in the Squid Game. According to the OpenSea description, each card is a “invitation to enter the adventurous and mysterious metaverse games,” implying the development of an off-brand Squid Game metaverse. However, no information about the metaverse or the games is available.

    The unnamed user created nearly 2,000 Squid Game card NFTs, which OpenSea users could claim for free after paying the gas fees. Nonetheless, after being claimed, the NFTs are being traded for value among users, with some priced at more than one Ethereum (approximately US$3,487).

    Furthermore, the developer’s OpenSea account shows no affiliation with Netflix or the television series’ producers. According to the Korea Copyright Commission, issuing NFTs that were created or owned offline by another person may constitute a copyright infringement. However, there is currently no specific law in Korea that regulates NFT copyright infringements.

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