• NFTs Have a Bright Future, According to Mike Novogratz

  • Mike Novogratz, a well-known investor, crypto proponent, and CEO of the Galaxy Digital fund, feels that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have a bright future ahead of them, as he expects them to pervade every industry.

    Novogratz shared a recent discussion by Devang Thakkar from the Christie’s Art + Tech Summit in a recent edition of Next with Novo, where the notable advocate of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins gave his thoughts on the future of the NFT business.

    Non-fungible tokens, according to Novogratz, who was an early institutional investment in Bitcoin and the first Wall Street investor in Ethereum, will benefit as every business begins to use this technology to build community, develop it, and earn profits.

    Novo, for example, mentioned that healthcare records will soon be NFTs. This unique technology will be used by fashion firms, the music industry, the creative industry, and others.

    “Your medical records will be NFTs, and every company, every fashion brand, every IP owner, the music industry, the creative industry, will find out how to leverage this technology to develop community, increase community, and profit.”

    However, he believes that NFTs are still in their infancy.

    “We’re in preschool,” says the narrator. We’re at the start of a new era. It’s a fantastic time to be alive.”

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