• NFTs Make a Splash in the AI Exhibition at the London Art Gallery

  • Deeeep, a London, England-based artificial intelligence (AI) art fair, paved the way for the burgeoning NFT market.

    The AI art and NFT exhibition took place from the 14th to the 17th of October. ULTCOIN365 went to the exhibition and spoke with Jake Andrew, a traditional artist who has recently adopted non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a means of bringing his art to life.

    “It was the ability to create something that isn’t static.” You can make a physical painting, which is great, but it doesn’t convey the energy of music or people’s voices,” Andrew told ULTCOIN365.

    “I love painting, and it will always be my main way of creating work,” Andrew continued, “but the NFT space opens it up.”

    Stephane Lebenson, Deeeep’s co-founder, shares Andrew’s enthusiasm for NFTs.

    “AI art and NFTs have ceased to be outlier curiosities and novelties, having now established a firm place in the history of art and steadily revolutionized the frame of what is considered valuable and collectible art,” Lebenson said in an event statement.

    AI and NFTs

    The exhibition isn’t solely about NFTs, and not all of the works on display are NFTs. Instead, it focused on the broader question of AI’s role in art, displaying artwork created with AI and machine learning or depicting humanity’s relationship with AI.

    One example is the art collective Obvious, whose AI-generated portrait of Edmond de Belamy sold for $432,500 at a Christie’s auction in New York in 2018.

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    “The field of AI art and NFTs has seen exponential development in the last few years,” said Deeep co-founder Erin Lait in a statement. “We recognize and embrace this tech-driven art movement as a new frontier of art with incredible potential,” he added.

    But how are traditional artists reacting to this ostensibly tech-driven revolution in their field?

    Artists who are embracing NFTs

    Jake Andrew, for example, came from a background in traditional art. Aside from the new creative tools NFTs provide him, he told ULTCOIN365 that the NFT community is one of the industry’s biggest draws.

    “The NFT community has gone insane.” It’s fantastic. “It’s the most welcoming, inclusive environment I’ve ever been in,” he said.

    Andrew also stated that NFTs assist artists in gaining new financial opportunities to fund their careers. “People have been buying my physical work for years, and now they’re moving into the NFT space—financially, NFTs open up a whole new market,” he continued.

    Clearly, NFTs—and AI generative art—have a technological angle that traditional art does not always expose artists to. Although, according to Andrew, bridging that gap may be easier than you think.

    “Every art friend I have who isn’t in the NFT space says they don’t understand it until you talk to them—I think it’s just a conversation we need to have with people,” he says.

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