• NFTs of Nelson Mandela’s novels will be auctioned

  • Dumani Mandela is preparing to auction two of his works as non-fungible tokens in a limited edition (NFTs).

    According to sources, Mr. Mandela, one of Nelson Mandela’s 17 grandsons, would begin selling digital artwork of his works “I Dream of Kemet” and “Young and on the Run from Apartheid” in August. The novels were released in 2020 and early 2021, respectively, by the 44-year-old.

    According to reports, the monies raised from the NFT auction will be used to promote and develop Mandela’s mental health app, My Minimalist. Currently, the platform is in the prototype stage.

    There will be a total of 100 limited edition NFTs up for bidding. Each set includes both digital and physical copies of the novels, as well as a unique 3D cover art. Dumani Mandela will additionally personalize the copies by dating and signing them. Meanwhile, BlockSmart NFT, a British digital creative agency, will handle the NFT novels’ minting and marketing.

    The auction will take place on OpenSea and is slated to start in mid-August. While the beginning bid price may not be known until August 5 (according to BlockSmart NFT), reports suggest it will be in the R3,600 range. This equates to about $250.

    The literary realm is taken on by the NFTs.

    Mr. Mandela’s efforts are far from the NFT world’s first foray into the realm of literature. Mermaid Eclipse was the first major and traditionally published novel to be released in NFT format. N. E. Carlisle, a young adult and fantasy author, created this work. In March 2021, the NFT edition of the book was put up for auction. The opening bid, according to sources, was in excess of $56,000.

    Physical and audiobook copies of Mermaid Eclipse were already available from stores. However, according to sources, the second book in the series, Blue Moon Mermaid, will be released on the NFT before the physical paperback.

    The NFT landscape in South Africa

    The NFT bug has infected many digital artist in South Africa this year, just as it has the rest of the world. In March, a local artist auctioned an NFT piece for 1.491 ETH (about $59,000 at the time).

    In June, Wian van der Berg, a self-taught magician and TikTok sensation from South Africa, released an NFT collection of original “how-to” magic tricks. According to reports, the second wave of these NFTs would be released in July.

    NFTs have also taken over the sporting world, with collections from athletes, legends, and teams. Former Springbok rugby star Bryan Habana sold digital paintings in April, and South Africa is no different in this regard.

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