• Nippleverse – An NFT Project Challenging Social Norms

  • With a set of nipple-themed NFTs, an incredible team of creators is ready to make their mark on the blockchain. Do you think it’s normal to cover your nipples? This upcoming NFT project, on the other hand, is ready to challenge your perception as well as the centralized power that tries to keep the nipple locked up.

    Welcome to the Nippleverse, an Ethereum blockchain collection of 4444 procedurally generated skin protrusions. Nipples, like many other things in life, are scrutinized by society and the mainstream narrative surrounding this topic. However, using the power of NFTs and decentralization, the team has decided to finally liberate the nipple.

    The artwork of the exquisitely crafted nipples was created from a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, making each item a one-of-a-kind digital collectible for the ultimate tit connoisseur. Each nipple NFT comes with a number of rarity features that can be combined to create unique combinations, such as a background, piercing, skin feature, and hair. Choose the one that speaks to you the most and help free the nipple from escalating censorship and central control.

    The pre-sale begins on November 15 and the public sale begins on November 17. Exact times of the drop have yet to be determined. The website will be used for mining, and each NFT will cost 0.069 ETH, with the VIP price set at 0.05 ETH. Those who qualify for the pre-sale will be able to mint up to five nipples, while those who qualify for the public sale will be able to make up to 20 transactions. On November 20, your stunning nipple will be revealed.

    According to the Nippleverse roadmap, integration will take place in stages. At the end of the sale period, a DAO-style governance system will let voters decide where the first ever nipple-themed metaverse party will take place.

    The community, on the other hand, is at the heart of the Nippleverse. To commemorate this, a number of additional rewards have been designed for its most active residents. Nippleverse will continue to reward the most active community members with NFTs and ETH throughout the rollout. To become one of these key contributors, simply interact in the Nippleverse Discord and Twitter channels.

    Going forward, the Nippleverse team has a number of plans in the works to ensure the project’s future. With this in mind, 5% of all sales proceeds and 50% of all royalties are set aside for a buy back and burn mechanism in order to maintain a healthy floor price and increase overall rarity. As if that wasn’t enough, Nippleverse will donate 10% of proceeds to the fight against breast cancer.

    So, embrace your inner revolutionary and proudly flaunt your extra nipple.

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