• Nitro League, a new play-to-earn racing game from Yield Guild Games, is now available

  • Yield Guild Games (YGG) has teamed with Nitro League, a mobile-first, decentralized racing game set in the Metaverse where players can earn tokens by racing competitively or informally exploring other in-game features. The game is supported by a team that has been developing games for decades, with the goal of supporting the play-to-earn ecosystem and launching a high-quality, sustainable, and attractive NFT game.

    YGG invested $50,000 in NITRO governance tokens and will acquire assets in Nitro League. As the guild expands its reach across the Metaverse, this is another step toward providing members of the community with a rich and diverse assortment of games to pick from.

    Nitro League intends to interact with the guild’s play-to-earn membership through this cooperation in order to develop a big virtual economy where community-owned assets can be maximized.

    “We’re pleased to join with YGG, considering their broad contacts in the gaming world,” said Nitro League CEO Zaynab Tucker. “We are excited to broaden our reach and gain a greater knowledge of the individuals that make the game – the gamers.”

    The racing game wants to focus on issues that traditional games suffer, such as pay-to-win, incorrect character balancing, and unfair matchmaking. The team’s objective is to harness the power of blockchain by decentralizing every part of the game, allowing it to be completely community-owned.

    Nitro League will be able to cooperate with the player base to try and produce the greatest user experience for the game because YGG users have expertise playing many types of games.

    Nitro League, which is set to launch in the second quarter of 2022, features attractive and futuristic NFT automobiles designed solely for racing. Players may race them online, exchange them in the marketplace, and showcase them, among other things. Automobiles can also be updated with rare parts to improve their market value.

    A player must first join a clan before they may begin racing. When a player wins a race, they gain Reputation Points (RP), which they can lose if they do not perform well. There will be a decline of RP if a player reaches a certain rank and then quits playing. This would demote them to a lesser level, allowing other active gamers to advance to higher tiers. Racers are awarded a badge by the clan based on their RP to represent their rank in the game. Players can change clans at any moment, although doing so has implications, such as losing clan-specific bonuses.

    Nitro League features three distinct racing modes. The free-to-play option allows you to practice and get recognition as a racer. Individual racers can earn money by participating in solo events. Finally, team events are likewise play-to-earn, but with more incentives.

    Competing in solo and team competitions will earn you “blueprints.” They serve as the primary breeding mechanism and are utilized to personalize and design automobiles. Nitro League is also Metaverse-linked, which means that players can use their NFT in the game. Players may also manage improvements, store assets, park their cars, display other NFTs, and visit pals in the garage.

    The game’s players will be able to develop and host racing events and other activities, as well as broadcast them online, for a realistic athletic experience. Nitro League will also invite sponsors and advertising to help the creators continue to offer fresh, high-quality content to the Nitro Metaverse.

    The team’s primary goal is to provide possibilities for players to stake tokens. Players can stake tokens to obtain membership in order to advance faster in the game and win higher rewards.

    The major utility token in the game is NITRO. Staking such tokens enables players to obtain access to exclusive races and unlock reward multipliers. More features will become available as racers continue through the game. This includes creating tracks, forming a clan, and enlisting people to join a clan.

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