• Node Factory has been purchased by ChainSafe

  • ChainSafe, a Toronto-based blockchain research and development firm, has announced the acquisition of Node Factory, a Croatian blockchain partner.

    ChainSafe Announces the Purchase of a Node Factory

    Chainsafe, a global leader in blockchain development and engineering solutions, employs the best engineers from across the world.

    Official client implementations for Ethereum 2.0 (“Lodestar”), Polkadot (“Gossamer”), Filecoin (“Forest”), a Rust version of the Mina Protocol, and many other cryptocurrencies are being developed by the company.

    ChainSafe’s wide Web 3.0 portfolio is completed with product development initiatives such as ChainSafe Files, the ChainSafe Gaming SDK, and their flagship product ChainBridge.

    Today, they announced the acquisition of Node Factory, a competitor in the blockchain development space.

    “It gives us great pleasure to welcome Node Factory to the ChainSafe family. They’ve been crucial collaborators in our attempts to construct Lodestar for more than a year.

    Their work is always of the highest, most trustworthy quality, and their employees are always pleasant. Adding their talented developers to the ChainSafe team gives us more depth and specific experience in the blockchain space.

    We’re looking forward to collaborating with Node Factory to develop even more wonderful things in the multi-chain future that we’ve been anticipating from the start of this journey. According to Aidan Hyman, the CEO and co-founder of ChainSafe.

    Node Factory’s Background

    Node Factory, based in Croatia, has been purchased by ChainSafe. The company is made up of seasoned technologists that have made important contributions to Web 3.0 and networks like Polkadot and Filecoin.

    They also help startups create decentralized applications of their own.

    Concerning Chainsafe

    ChainSafe is a global pioneer in blockchain protocol and infrastructure development. They support Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, Cosmos, Mina, and other important ecosystems.

    More information about ChainSafe may be found on their website, Github, Twitter, Medium, and in their Discord channel.

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