• OffLimits Cereals Introduces Custom Cereal Boxes For NFT Collectors

  • Fans of cereal, take note! OffLimits, a cereal manufacturer, is making waves in Web3 with its bespoke cereal box NFTs.

    OffLimits will release 2,500 personalized cereal box NFTs. Furthermore, NFT holders will be able to design and mint a one-of-a-kind cereal box NFT both in the metaverse and in real life.

    OffLimits will open 2,500 “Cereal List” places this week to ensure drop access. All Cereal List members will get first dibs on a branded NFT worth 0.11ETH. This provides access to a secret Discord channel as well as a placeholder character named NFT.

    Cereal List-ers on Discord can create the cereal box cover by submitting their OffLimits NFT. As a result, the final product will be a collage of all of the NFTs that were submitted. The previously minted OffLimits cereal box NFT will be updated on blockchain on the day of the unveiling to reveal the final design and a fully unique NFT. Furthermore, all authenticated NFT owners will receive four actual cereal NFT boxes.

    Concerning OffLimits

    OffLimits is a brand of cereal that is still in its early stages. Emily Miller, author of the Breakfast cookbook and host of the “Breakfast Club,” created it in 2020. The four flavors – Zombie (pandan), Dash (coffee), Flex (cinnamon), and Spark (strawberry) – are all gluten-free and plant-based. Furthermore, the artwork and characters on the cereal boxes were designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One.

    OffLimits NFTs joins the ranks of other cereal-related NFT projects. These include Alt Saints’ NFT initiative and the very popular Cereal Club, both from Australia.

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