• Offline XRP Ledger Transactions Are Now Possible: What Exactly Is xPoP?

  • XRP Ledger Labs, a software studio focusing on XRPL-based digital payments solutions, demonstrated the concept of their offline instrument for XRP transactions based on QR-codes.

    XRPL transfers do not require the use of the Internet.

    According to XRPL Labs’ presentation at the Apex Developer Summit in Tallin, its team developed a viable prototype of the system that allows users to initiate XRP transfers offline.

    The Proof of Payments protocol (xPoP) of XRP Ledger can be used by a variety of devices that are not always connected to the Internet. It is, for example, compatible with vending machines and public transportation.

    A device with xPoP embedded generates a QR-code on its display or on paper, and the holder of XRPL-based assets can repay it instantly and decentralizedly.

    Representatives from XRPL Labs are confident that this innovation will properly spin the XRPL retail adoption flywheel:

    As XRPL Labs seeks to solve the “chicken/egg problem,” we began by focusing solely on end users and the ecosystem. We believe it is time to begin focusing on retail as well. xPoP is one of the beneficial developments for future retail adoption and, by extension, for the entire ecosystem.

    The public beta of xPoP is about to be released.

    The intellectual property of xPoP, according to XRPL Labs, belongs to the XRP Ledger Foundation, a non-profit that coordinates community-driven initiatives from the XRP community.

    As a result, once the new instrument’s “public beta” version is ready for open testing, the source code will be released.

    To address widespread retail adoption, XRPL developers plan to release “Lite Accounts,” a type of XRPL address that can be activated with just one XRP.

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