• On Fantom Network, Oraichain is now available

  • Oraichain had already built its VRF (Verifiable Random Function on Avalanche) services. It now supports dApps that operate on the Fantom Opera mainnet as well.

    For the first time, Fantom’s whole ecosystem will have access to a decentralized and publicly verified random number generator. The Fantom network’s ecosystem encompasses anything from DeFi to NFT games.


    Oraichain is more than just a data oracle. It’s a blockchain oracle and ecosystem powered entirely by artificial intelligence. Oraichain is a foundational layer for creating smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) for a new age. It now aspires to be the first AI Layer 1 in the blockchain sector, with the AI ecosystem driving it.

    Oraichain has a track record of delivering some of the most innovative and important goods on the market. These include AI-powered Yield Aggregator Platform, Data Hub, AI price feeds, AI-based NFT generation, fully on-chain VRF, Royalty Protocol, Cosmwasm IDE, and Yield Aggregator Platform.

    The Fantom Network Has Launched Oraichain.

    On its official website, Oraichain stated that it has gone live on the Fantom network. This will benefit the ecosystem as a whole, which encompasses anything from DeFi to NFT-based gaming.

    Oraichain’s launch on the Fantom network opens up a world of possibilities while maintaining the simplicity of Oraichain VRF 2.0 implementation.

    The benefits of fully on-chain VRF services will now be available to Fantom’s developers. Oraichain has been dubbed the ideal blockchain for Fantom because it eliminates miner attacks by giving transparency and tamper-proof results.

    Miner attacks are common on random number generators. When hostile entities on the internet attempt to use a reroll to their advantage, these are started. They can, for example, enter a random request by rewriting the entire chain’s history, producing in a random output that differs from the original.

    When a VRF node operator purposely delivers compromised data or delays the random request, hostile miners can take advantage of the mechanism. When the node operator delays the random request, it opens up the possibility of abusing the mechanism.

    These are the issues that Oraichain VRF 2.0 has resolved. It was created to produce random numbers and verify group signatures on the blockchain, making tampering with the randomness generating process very difficult.

    The launch of Oraichain on the Fantom Network has opened up a world of possibilities. This will aid in the attainment of end-user fairness and transparency.

    Distributing limited-edition financial assets, assigning duties and resources randomly, and creating unforeseen events in the game are all approaches to achieve justice and transparency.

    Oraichain VRF 2.0 is designed to be a plug-and-play solution, making it easy to implement on the Fantom Network. The team has established priorities that do not jeopardize security or quality.

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