• On OpenSea, Google AI Recreated Artsy Monke NFT Collection Sold Out

  • Google used their AI to construct the NFT collection after being inspired by the BAYC NFT collection.

    Non-fungible tokens were one of the important inventions that had a surge in 2021. These digital artworks drew a lot of attention, and people rushed into the NFT space. Many digital artists made millions of dollars as a result of this. Google joined the market with its own significance, citing the value of these digital assets. The endeavor required coordination with Google’s various Artificial Intelligence ventures and the use of picture diffusion techniques to create—Artsy Monke.

    As previously reported, Google’s collaboration platform Colab Notebook and their Cloud Programming services were used to recreate 10K BAYC, culminating in the Artsy Monke NFT collection. The complete NFT collection was sold out the moment it was released. New buyers can now obtain NFT through the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

    The pricing difference between the original BAYC NFTs and the Artsy Monke collection developed by Google AI is extremely intriguing. On OpenSea, the current floor price of the Bored Ape YAcht Club non-fungible tokens collection is 82.11 ETH. As a result, the floor price is worth more than 135K USD. In comparison, the Artsy Monke floor price is around 0.01 ETH, which amounts to approximately 16.51 USD at the current Ethereum trading price.

    Dan Hovey, the project’s developer, stated that they discovered something lacking in traditional NFTs art form. He stated that they realize the excitement and hype that comes with minting a new BAYC NFT. Given the urge to learn what and how it will appear like, as well as what will be its distinguishing feature. He also identified fine art as a missing component in typical NFT collections.

    Hovey stated that no one would ever want to hand them in their home, regardless of their feelings for them. This inspired them to reproduce the famed Bored Ape NFT collection’s enchantment and turn it into art, he added.

    Apart from that, rather than being just another piece of digital art to be displayed, Artsy Monke will serve various real-world functions. They are believed to be utilized as utility tokens for game participation and to allow users to earn money while playing games.

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