• On Tezos, Ubisoft has launched in-game Ghost Recon NFTs

  • According to a tweet from Ubisoft today, the company has announced its first series of in-game NFTs.

    Ubisoft Introduces In-Game NFTs

    NFTs will be introduced to the Ghost Recon franchise for the first time in the series’ 2019 entry, “Ghost Recon Breakpoint.”

    The NFTs will be known as “Digits,” and they will be available through a new service called Ubisoft Quartz. The program’s beta will begin on December 9 and will include free airdrops of three NFTs.

    The NFTs have no direct impact on gameplay. Instead, they function as cosmetic skins for in-game items, each with a unique serial number linked to the owner’s online handle.

    Tezos-Generated NFTs

    The NFTs issued by Ubisoft are issued on the Tezos blockchain, which, unlike Ethereum, does not rely on cryptocurrency mining.

    Tezos, on the other hand, uses proof-of-stake, which requires far less electricity than mining—equivalent to thirty seconds of streaming video, according to Ubisoft. This decision is part of the company’s efforts to make its NFTs more energy-efficient.

    Despite the promise of increased energy efficiency, some have criticized the use of NFTs. Some critics argue that traditional game servers and databases could have achieved the same goals, and that blockchain adds little new to the experience.

    NFTs, on the other hand, have one distinct advantage: users will be able to sell items on any compatible third-party marketplace, not just Ubisoft’s own. Rarible and Objkt are listed as compatible sites by Ubisoft.

    Previous Crypto Efforts by Ubisoft

    Despite the fact that this is Ubisoft’s first NFT series created specifically for in-game use, the company has previously created NFTs for franchises such as Rabbids and One Shot League. Beginning in 2020, the company also served as a validator for the NFT trading game Axie Infinity.

    Ubisoft mentioned the possibility of play-to-earn crypto rewards in October, which appears to be unrelated to today’s announcement.

    The Quartz service announced today is likely to be used to power NFTs for future titles as well.

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