• One-third of women intend to purchase cryptocurrency this year

  • According to a new BlockFi survey, over one-third of women intend to purchase cryptocurrencies this year. Sixty percent of those women stated they intend to purchase digital assets during the next few months.

    This is more than double the 29 percent of women who said they would buy within the following year in a September 2021 study.

    “There’s no better way to learn about something new than by doing – especially when plunging into the seemingly difficult world of crypto,” said Flori Marquez, BlockFi’s founder and SVP of operations, in a statement.

    One in every four women already owns cryptoassets, and the vast majority of them have never sold what they’ve purchased.

    The research also revealed that women are the most likely to purchase bitcoin, dogecoin, and ether, with 71 percent, 42 percent, and 18 percent, respectively. Other sub-sectors in this field, however, remain relatively untouched by women, with only 5% having purchased an NFT or participated in crypto mining.

    In general, the crypto sector is mainly dominated by men. According to Crypto Head research, only five of the 121 leading crypto startups, or 4.13 percent, had female founders. All of the companies have at least one male founder among those founders, including Marquez.

    However, the number of women in the industry is expected to rise. According to the BlockFi poll, 15% of women are interested in working in crypto, but only 10% intend to apply to crypto or blockchain-focused organizations within the next year.

    “It’s quite wonderful to see that women are becoming more aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency ownership and expressing interest in working in the crypto business,” Marquez said. “It is now our obligation to continue to bridge the education gap and give as many on-ramps as possible so that women can easily gain exposure to crypto markets and become comfortable doing more with their crypto.”

    A third-party poll panel conducted the survey, which included 1,031 female Americans between the ages of 18 and 65, at the end of January. This is the third edition of its “Real Talk” poll, which focuses on the opinions of female Americans toward cryptocurrency, financial wellbeing, and job aspirations.

    “My hope for the future is that cryptocurrency will become a vital part of everyone’s financial wellness plan,” Marquez added.

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