• OneStake Finance is a DeFi Yield Aggregator that provides users with the best yield opportunities

  • OneStake Finance, a DeFi yield aggregator that uses the TVL-as-a-Service protocol, aims to offer the highest APR in the DeFi yield market.

    The project’s goal is to provide solutions and exposure to the full yield market to both casual and professional DeFi users.

    “The 1inch in the Field of Yield Protocols,” according to OneStake Finance.

    According to the platform’s official website, OneStake has been termed “the 1inch in the realm of yield protocols” due to the optimal yield opportunities it delivers customers via its governance mechanisms and TVL-as-a-Service protocol. OneStake Finance claims to be the first TVL-as-a-Service protocol to give the best APR on single staking in order to get a market edge.

    This protocol’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) evaluates all assets and protocols engaging with OneStake before whitelisting and aggregating them into a single pool.

    OneStake Finance examines the current APR and TVL for all assets of every whitelisted protocol every 4 hours in order to give users with the best distribution cost feasible. Following that, it computes the distribution of funds to attain the maximum APR. This approach mimics the outcomes of additional investments in provider pools. As a result, after it reaches optimal distribution, it will calculate the rebalancing costs. This system allows the protocol to perform new calculations if the costs surpass the critical value until the best possible distribution is reached.

    In such cases, the protocol will only begin rebalancing automatically. Furthermore, unless it sells or reinvests staking rewards, it collects them every 2 hours.

    In order to provide consumers with a utility-yield aggregation service, OneStake Finance is committed to aggregating other protocols, pooling them, and dividing OneStake’s TVL among them.

    This indicates the platform’s dedication to assisting skilled traders in achieving the finest results in the DeFi yield market. It also aims to make the procedure more accessible to new or casual users.

    Furthermore, it employs iUSD, an interest-bearing coin, to help its users achieve the best potential yield. Using this technique, the system generates iUSD tokens when users deposit funds and then burns them when they withdraw funds. Users can freely store, move, and trade iUSD, which is pegged at a 1:1 ratio to the deposited asset.

    OneStake Finance’s mechanics give it the potential to tackle the problems caused by high gas prices.

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