• OnlyFans made a donation of 500 ETH to the DAO that supports Ukraine

  • OnlyFans, a prominent video subscription site, has announced a donation of 500 ETH (about $1.3 million) to UkraineDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization seeking cash to support Ukraine amid its battle with Russia.

    According to a spokeswoman for OnlyFans, the donation is part of the company’s bigger charitable effort to support Ukraine, which is led by OnlyFans’ Ukrainian-American owner Leonid Radvinsky.

    According to the corporation, it has now donated over $5 million to various humanitarian activities in support of the country, with an additional $1 million gift planned for March 15.

    “These tragic incidents have had a horrible impact on individuals, including members of our creator community,” stated Ami Gan, CEO of OnlyFans. “Given our strong personal ties to Ukraine, we wanted to help in a way that felt authentic to who we are at OnlyFans and focused on bringing aid and support to the Ukrainian people.”

    UkraineDAO has been a major cryptocurrency contributor to Ukraine’s government in recent weeks, having collected more than $50 million in cryptocurrency donations since tweeting out its ether (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) addresses in February.

    The DAO was founded by Russian art collective Pussy Riot and non-fungible token (NFT) studio Trippy Labs, with its greatest single donation coming from a $6.5 million crowdfunded NFT sale on March 2, to which OnlyFans contributed 500 ETH.

    The DAO was stopped at around half of the 1,000 ETH reserve value when OnlyFans made the 500 ETH donation, according to a spokesperson. The donation from OnlyFans pushed the total over the mark, and from then on, more donations poured in.

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