• OpenSea Delisters Faced With Ape Copycats

  • OpenSea, the mega NFT marketplace, has once again demonstrated its considerable power by deleting two spoof collections from its platform for using recycled photographs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

    The Phunky Ape Yacht Club (PAYC) was the first to launch, taking the original ape drawings, flipping them horizontally, and minting them as new NFTs. Then, just a few days later, PHAYC, a marvelous wordplay on the word “fake,” performed the exact same thing. Both collections sold out in a matter of hours, raising a significant amount of ETH in the process.

    As a result, both collections engaged in a hilarious Twitter feud for the right to label themselves “the original knockoff BAYC.” Insults were hurled, banter rang out, and arguments were exchanged before daddy OpenSea stepped in, declared them infringers of copyright, and immediately kicked them both off their platform.

    According to the Twitter feed, PAYC emerged as an apparent reaction to the Bored Apes, claiming to be a “flex for rich douchebags,” whilst PHAYC simply stated, “PHAYC it until you make it.” Despite this, Yuga Labs, the original collection’s creator, has stayed out of the fray. PAYC, on the other hand, has shifted its operations to NFTrade, while PHAYC trades on the Mintable marketplace. As a result, the conflict between the left-facing monkeys continues.

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