• Over 7 million Uniswap holders have voted in favor of Polygon’s deployment proposal

  • The results are in, and the people of Uniswap have spoken. Surprisingly, nearly all of the votes cast on a proposal to deploy Uniswap on Polygon were in favor of the integration. As a result, the recent explosion in popularity of layer-2 protocols is clearly demonstrated.

    Polygon developers submitted a proposal to Uniswap’s governance portal almost a week ago. This is done in order to pitch their integration goals to the larger Uniswap community. On November 23, the first phase of the governance process began. It included the Temperature Check Poll, which attempted to gauge an initial consensus on whether the proposal was even worth pursuing.

    According to reports, over 7.79 million Uniswap holders voted in favor of deploying Uniswap V3 to the Polygon PoS chain. The proposal needed only 25,000 favorable votes to advance to the next stage.

    According to Polygon, “this is the right time for this deployment to take place.” Because it has the potential to significantly reduce transaction fees and the amount of time users spend on the network. Particularly when interacting with Ethereum. Furthermore, scalability solutions will be used to expand the decentralized exchange’s user base and revenue.

    Sushiswap and Aave, two of the top DEXs, have already been deployed on Polygon. The L2 protocol, on the other hand, is willing to invest heavily in this integration. Uniswap’s respectable market position is the primary reason.

    Participation in the design and execution of liquidity mining campaigns is included. Aside from promoting Uniswap V3 as a “money lego.”

    The proposal will proceed to the next stage now that the temperature check poll has yielded a favorable result. It will be known as the “Consensus Check.” To advance to the final stage of governance, 50,000 affirmative votes are required. The goal of the Consensus Check is to start a formal discussion by creating a new poll based on the results of the Temperature Check.

    When a Twitter user pointed out that the deployment could take months, Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic responded,

    “It can be done much faster if the governance process is completed successfully.”

    Furthermore, given the overwhelming support from the Uniswap community, a delay in this process is highly unlikely at this time.

    In fact, many people are migrating to Layer-2 protocols as a result of rising gas prices and longer transaction times. It scales the network and significantly boosts its throughput. Not to mention, Polygon has proven to be one of the most successful, with a total value of around $4.74 billion locked in at press time.

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