• Ozzy Osbourne Unveils the NFT’Cryptobatz’ Collection

  • Ozzy Osbourne’s first NFT collection has been presented. These NFTs, known as “Cryptobatz,” have a unique property in that they can alter NFTs from other collections to generate new ones with attributes from both.

    Ozzy Osbourne is the latest celebrity to unveil an NFT collection. The Prince of Darkness, widely known as the main singer of Black Sabbath, released “Cryptobatz,” a collection of 9,666 unique bats in the form of NFTs. The news was initially reported by Rolling Stone.

    Ozzy Osbourne is said to have designed the NFTs himself, and the set will be available for purchase in January 2022. Holders will also be able to construct a new NFT by biting and mutating with existing NFTs in the collection. The new bats are referred to as “MutantBatz.”

    The fact that these MutantBatz can be generated by “biting” other NFT collections is intriguing. This feature will be supported by Bored Ape Yacht Club, SupDucks, Cryptotoadz, and one more unidentified project.

    When asked about the venture into NFTs, Osbourne stated,

    I’d been wanting to get into the NFT game for a while, so when I begged Sharon for a Bored Ape for Christmas after numerous failed efforts at purchasing one, and she said no, I decided to make my own. CryptoBatz is a fictitious project for NFT collectors and aficionados. The design pays homage to one of my most legendary onstage moments and is an opportunity to own a piece of art history. It’s fantastic!

    NFTs are attracting a large number of musicians and artists.

    Osbourne has joined a lengthy list of singers and artists that have either sold or announced a project with NFTs. Eminem, Grimes, the Weeknd, Jay-Z, and more are among those on the list.

    The music business clearly sees NFTs as having the ability to provide listeners with exclusive material and unpublished recordings. The involvement of NFTs in the music industry has been particularly entrepreneurial for NFT platform OneOf, which deals with music and was founded by an industry veteran.

    This type of action, of course, would not be conceivable if there was no interest from end consumers. This was visible in 2021, when there was an exponential increase in NFT-related activity.

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