• Parallel NFTs Dominate OpenSea’s Top Rankings

  • Parallel is the most recent surprising initiative to take the NFT world by storm. A trading card battle escapade pitting humanity’s five parallel evolutions against each other in a battle for supremacy over the planet.

    Parallel, who are now in the upper echelons of the OpenSea ranks chart, briefly displaced CryptoPunks from the top spot. Cards are now selling like hotcakes and changing hands at an alarming rate. In the world of blockchain gaming, this appears to be the next big thing. For a game that is still in development, this is quite astounding.

    Parallel depicts the fortunes of the human race in the long future. Following a cataclysmic disaster, the people of Earth split into five factions that spread throughout the solar system. As a result, these five groups grew independently and developed their own distinct characteristics and talents. These factions were dubbed the Parallels.

    Each Parallel has its own set of NFT cards to represent it. Every card is a high-quality piece of artwork that depicts a 3D depiction of the item represented on it. The NFTs were sold to the general public, and the proceeds will go toward the creation of the entire game.

    To play Parallel, players must first collect a full deck of cards representing a single Parallel faction. Attributes are not yet integrated into the cards, but they will be in the near future.

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