• Particle is selling genuine Banksy artwork at a fraction of the price

  • Recently, a number of significant projects that use NFTs to provide tangible ownership of real-world objects have emerged. Particle, an NFT company that specializes in bringing multi-million-dollar masterpieces to everyday collectors, is one notable addition.

    Particle raised $15 million in seed round funding over the summer, with the majority of the funds going toward purchasing an artwork by infamous street artist Banksy. “Love is in the Air,” the piece in question, cost them a whopping $12.9 million. It depicts a stencil-painted protester tossing a bouquet of flowers instead of a molotov cocktail.

    The company has now divided the work into 10,000 “particles,” each represented by an NFT, and plans to sell each one for around $1,500 in the new year, providing a tangible ownership experience for people who aren’t millionaires. Following the sale, owners can choose to keep the NFTs or trade them on the secondary market, while the original artwork travels to art exhibitions around the world.

    Particle is the brainchild of Loc Gouzer, former Head of Contemporary Art at Christie’s auction house, and builds on a dream of art ownership that was once out of reach. They can provide a secure method of maintaining multi-faceted ownership of an artwork by using the fractionalization technique via NFTs. All the while, using the Avalanche blockchain to run an efficient and scalable project. As a result, the Banksy auction is just the beginning of many art masterpieces destined for the platform.

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