• PayMaya, a Philippines-based fintech company, has launched a Bitcoin education feature

  • PayMaya users may buy and trade a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, and Polkadot.

    PayMaya, one of the Philippines’ major digital financial services platforms, has added a cryptocurrency feature to its app, allowing consumers to transact in bitcoin and altcoins. The initiative’s goal is to educate people on the benefits of the asset class and provide them with access to it.

    PayMaya Enters the Crypto World

    Global fintech firms are quickly jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, either by accepting the asset class as a payment option or by allowing clients to execute digital asset transactions. PayMaya, based in the Philippines, is the most recent example.

    The company, which has over 44 million members, has promised to develop a function on its platform that would allow users to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies. PayMaya initially supported Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Polygon, Tether, Chainlink, Uniswap, Quant, and Tether. Later on, the organization promised to introduce more tokens.

    PayMaya will also offer educational services to its customers. Customers will be able to learn about the benefits of the cryptocurrency industry and the best strategies to get started in the industry.

    According to Sailesh Baidwan, President of PayMaya, the digital asset world has become a particularly appealing niche for Filipinos. As a result, the company decided to provide an “integrated feature” for individuals interested in joining the ecosystem.

    “Being at the forefront of digital payments and financial services, growing into cryptocurrency is part of our roadmap as we construct the Philippines’ most accessible end-to-end money platform,” Baidwan explained.

    PayMaya is the Philippines’ leading digital payment provider. Its headquarters are in the Philippine capital, Manila, and it handles over $1 billion in transactions every year.

    Union Bank of the Philippines is also interested in cryptocurrency.

    The Union Bank of Philippines is another prominent Filipino organization that has recently expressed interest in the bitcoin world. It announced its plans to establish a digital asset custodian bureau earlier this year.

    Cathy Casas, the institution’s head of blockchain and applications coordination, described this as an essential strategy that may safeguard the entity’s future.

    According to estimates, between 1% and 2% of all Filipinos own cryptocurrency. With increased interest in the industry, this percentage is predicted to reach 5% during the next five years. According to Casas, the majority of adoptees are from the younger generations. She assumed that they not only possess tokens but also earn certain prizes through play-to-earn gaming platforms.

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