• Pepsi to Introduce First-Ever NFTs in “Mic Drop Collection”

  • Pepsico, the maker of fizzy drinks and former owner of the world’s sixth largest navy, is about to launch its first NFTs. A collection of 1,893 generative microphones honoring the company’s long history with music.

    The “Genesis Mic Drop Collection” is Pepsi’s first foray into the world of NFTs, and it will be modeled after a standard PFP drop, with a number of algorithmically randomized traits creating a collection of unique collectibles. The number has some meaning because it represents the date the company was founded.

    Members will be able to join a waitlist that will open at 12pm EST on December 10, and successful applicants will be able to mint their Pepsi-themed NFTs four days later, at 12:30pm EST on December 14. Furthermore, each item is free; however, minters are responsible for any gas fees.

    Each NFT will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and Pepsi has promised to offset the carbon footprint of the promotion. As a result, owners are free to trade the items on third-party marketplaces on their own.

    Pepsi’s first foray into NFT discourse has all the hallmarks of a drunk uncle at a party. The interaction between Budweiser and Facebook, on the other hand, is enough to turn a man off his breakfast.

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