• Pink tank skin will be released as part of SpiderTanks’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!

  • The National Breast Cancer Foundation has partnered with GAMEDIA and Gala Games. For a limited time, they will be releasing a new Spider Tank Skin called ‘Pink Power!’ The National Breast Cancer Foundation will receive 100% of the proceeds. Spidertanks are delighted to help raise funds for breast cancer research.

    Concerning the Spidertanks Breast Cancer Sale

    Starting yesterday, these new skins will be available for the entire month of October. There will be a total of 4000 tank skins available, each priced at $500. (estimated based on crypto prices). If any of the skins are still available at the end of the month, they will be burned. Over $1 million will be raised for the National Breast Cancer Foundation based on the sale of each skin. Gala Games hopes to bring the world closer to the education, early detection, and supportive services that everyone affected by breast cancer requires.

    In addition, anyone who buys a ‘Pink Power!’ SpiderTanks skin will be entered into a drawing for one of ten rare tank bodies or weapons. The total cost will be around $5,000. These giveaways will take place at the end of October, when the sale comes to an end.

    Concerning Spidertanks

    GAMEDIA, based in the Netherlands, designed and developed Spidertanks, a free-to-play PVP battle arena game. Many bodies and weapons can be unlocked, equipped, and upgraded. The game is still in beta testing. To begin, all you need is a tank, which can be purchased from the Gala Games Store. In addition to being free to play, it will feature play-to-earn mechanics, as seen in other hugely successful games such as Axie Infinity. The game revolves primarily around skill-based competition, resource collection, and a player-driven upgrade cycle. Another important point is that NFTs can own tanks, weapons, buildings, and land. Spider Tanks will be fully released by Gamedia and Gala Games before the end of the year.

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