• Platform for Blogging on Ethereum Everyone can see themselves in the mirror

  • Mirror, a decentralized blogging protocol based on Ethereum that first launched in December, has now opened its doors to all creators.

    Until today, creators could only get access to Mirror by winning enough votes in Mirror’s weekly WRITE Race on Wednesday afternoons. Mirror users would have two hours to vote on applicants using the protocol’s WRITE token, effectively turning it into a popularity contest. The top ten voters would each receive one WRITE token, which they could exchange for a Mirror-hosted.xyz blog. (It took four months for Decrypt Editor-in-Chief Dan Roberts to be elected.)

    Mirror, while similar in appearance and functionality to popular blogging platform Medium, shakes things up with a slew of crypto-native features and capabilities. It’s a decentralized protocol that allows users to log in and “sign” posts with their Ethereum wallets, as well as use the blockchain-based storage protocol Arweave to “permanently” back up posts and increase their censorship resistance.

    Mirror has been adding various crypto-centric economic elements to enable monetization for users over the last few months, allowing them to sell NFT collectibles, hold auctions, and even launch crowdfunding campaigns. Emily Segal, a writer, raised money for her next novel on Mirror in April. Through a Mirror crowdfunding campaign in July, the creators of an upcoming documentary film about Ethereum raised $1.9 million in ETH.

    Mirror is increasingly being used by blockchain-based projects to share community updates in a crypto-native manner. Mirror, in particular, has grown in popularity as a tool for DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations. Because DAO communities are mostly housed on Discord servers, Mirror provides a decentralized way to publicly share long-form information.

    The WRITE Race is no longer required for publishing via Mirror after today’s update. Mirror, on the other hand, intends to reward users who have already completed the process and are members of the platform. “Membership earned through the $WRITE Race is evolving to represent decision-making power and a stake in the Mirror protocol and DAO’s future,” the project stated.

    Dapper Labs made NFTs mainstream, and now it wants to make DAOs mainstream as well.

    Subscriptions, blog feeds, and discovery elements, as well as a richer editing platform and support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain-like names, are among the features coming to the platform in the future, according to Mirror.

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