• Polkadot now has ‘land sales’ in the metaverse thanks to PolkaStarter

  • Polkastarter, a Polkadot launchpad platform, announced yesterday that it will begin selling real estate land.

    According to the announcement, the first NFT metaverse Land Sale will take place on Polkastarter next week, allowing users to purchase real estate from the best metaverse projects.

    Purchasing virtual land is now as simple as purchasing tokens.

    Given their meteoric rise in popularity over the last year, NFTs and virtual world ecosystems were bound to collide at some point. Polkastarter, a Polkadot-based launchpad platform, was among the first to jump on board and provide users with an easy and streamlined way to participate in what the industry now refers to as metaverses.

    Polkastarter will launch its NFT Metaverse Land Sales in December, allowing users to purchase virtual real estate from some of the most popular metaverse projects. Users will be able to purchase individual parcels or land packs in virtual worlds such as ChainGuardians, Highstreet, Wider World, and Realm.

    According to the company’s announcements, these land sales will function similarly to standard token sales on Polkastarter, with users able to whitelist and participate in the sales via a streamlined and easy-to-use interface.

    “People can walk around, meet friends, visit buildings, and even attend events in virtual worlds such as ChainGuardians, Highstreet, Wilder World, or Realm,” they explained in the announcement.

    “Land, like in the real world, is extremely important in the metaverse.” The better the location, the higher the price, so getting in early on these land sales is critical.”

    The exact dates of the platform’s first land sale, as well as the names of the projects participating in the event, will be announced in the coming days.

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