• PolkaStarter Gets $RAIN from Rainmaker Games

  • Rainmaker Games recently announced its IDO (initial decentralized offering), but no specific release date was given. Furthermore, the venture announced the addition of $RAIN to the Polkastarter ecosystem.

    Users all over the world can access hundreds of play-to-earn games through the free platform. These titles use the $RAIN token to connect guilds, games, and gamers all over the world. Rainmaker is a free P2E portal that allows users to play, learn, connect, and earn.

    Users can gain access to its solutions regardless of their level of experience or earnings. It functions as a one-stop shop, with features such as chatting, earning, and learning. Rainmaker, in addition to the primary play-to-earn gaming model, allows players to gain additional benefits through the $RAIN token.

    The token serves several functions, including serving as a significant source of utility within the Rainmaker in-game ecosystems. Furthermore, users can stake the token in liquidity pools to earn additional tokens.

    Furthermore, the token grants users governance rights, allowing them to submit new proposals and vote. With such features, the platform has accomplished numerous impressive feats. Among them are:

    • 6,000,000 dollars were raised.
    • Assets under management total $1,041,998 dollars.
    • The current monthly revenue has surpassed $300,000 dollars.
    • 823 AXIEs on the Active Team + 177,848 dollars in the Treasury
    • 2061 Active Scholars in Training

    The platform has always actively participated in a healthy, engaged, and active community of GameFi, $RAIN, Metaverse, and P2E game enthusiasts. As a result, collaborating with Polkastarter appears to be a natural choice.

    The upcoming IDO is gaining traction in the industry, particularly among institutional investors. Polkastarter has also demonstrated its dependability as a completely decentralized protocol for new project creation. It has aided several promising ventures in reaching end-users all over the world. Its collaboration with Rainmaker Games is expected to produce similar results.

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