• Polygon provides Dfyn Exchange with a $500,000 grant for the Incentivized Liquidity Program

  • Dfyn Exchange, the first gasless exchange and a multi-chain AMM with nodes on Fantom and Polygon, has received $500,000 in $MATIC rewards from Polygon in exchange for increasing liquidity in various MATIC pairs.

    Dfyn is a top AMM DEX with over $100 million in liquidity spread across Fantom and Polygon. Dfyn plans to expand to other chains such as BSC, Avalanche, Algorand, and others. In the future, Router Protocol’s XCLP will be used to facilitate cross-chain swaps.

    Dfyn will match the rewards almost two-to-one, and a total reward of $1,100,000 will be given to the community in the form of liquidity incentives to further encourage users to add liquidity to these pools.

    More information about these farms can be found below:


    This pool will be launched in the “Launch Farms” category, with a total reward pool of $150,000 worth MATIC and $300,000 worth DFYN tokens accruing over a 60-day period. The rewards from this farm will be vested over an 8-month period after the farm ends (20% in 5 tranches — Day 0, Month 2, Month 4, Month 6, Month 8).


    This pool, like the MATIC-wBTC farm, will be launched under the “Launch Farms” category and will have the same structure. This 60-day farm will have a total reward pool of $150,000 in MATIC and $300,000 in DFYN tokens, with accrued rewards vested over an 8-month period.


    This pool will be launched under the category of “Dual Farms,” with total rewards totaling $200,000 in MATIC tokens and $500,000 in DFYN tokens accruing over a four-month period. The rewards in this farm accrue block by block and can be claimed at any time.

    The farms will be launched on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, and will be announced on Dfyn’s Medium once they are operational.

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