• Poolz launches a $2 million NFT and gaming investment fund

  • Cross-chain token launchpad and decentralized fundraising Poolz announced the creation of a $2 million fund to conduct research into NFT and gaming projects. Future investments will be directed toward bringing new technologies and development to industries.

    The new technology had a successful year overall. The total trading volume on the largest NFT platforms continues to hover around $200 million per day. Aside from NFT, the blockchain gaming industry has exploded, attracting an increasing number of investors and players. With growing interest, it is easy to forecast a bright future for the gaming industry and the incorporation of blockchain into the most popular projects.

    Poolz will examine the most intriguing offers in the NFT and gaming markets that provide both a unique experience and a profitable user experience. Poolz anticipates that with a $2 million investment fund, more developers and entrepreneurs will enter the blockchain space with high-potential projects and startups.

    Liam Cohen, Poolz’s co-founder and CMO, stated that the established fund will be aimed at supporting industries that continue to attract more interest from their community. Cohen also stated that the metaverse will be the internet’s future. Poolz Fund will be one of the first to invest in metaverse industries, paving the way for the world to evolve toward immersive technologies.

    Because of its investment decisions, the company has become the leading IDO platform in a market that is ready to take NFT and metaverse gaming projects to the next level. Poolz does not stop at investing; he also looks forward to hosting IDOs for high-potential projects and those that modernize the industry.

    Poolz’s Background

    Poolz is a cross-chain IDO platform built on the Web 3.0 concept, with the goal of developing crypto industry projects and raising funds prior to public listings. The platform has already integrated with various blockchains and is excited to begin working with more than just the top ten blockchain networks.

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