• Porsche is planning to auction off a design sketch as part of the NFT

  • With a one-of-a-kind sketch, German automaker Porsche is breaking into the non-fungible token game.

    Porsche has made its first foray into the world of NFT by auctioning off a one-of-a-kind sketch for charity. The sketch was created by Peter Varga, Director of Exterior Design, and combines the Taycan Cross Turismo SUV with the 911 sports car. “It combines the design language of our iconic sports car with that of the model’s youngest member. “I’m excited to see how this one-of-a-kind item elicits a response from the auction participants,” Varga says. The designer also stated that the design connects Porsche’s legendary 911 model with the company’s newest model.

    The artwork will be available as a digital NFT as well as a physical piece of art. Porsche Digital and the start-up Fanzone are in charge of the project. Fanzone is a digital sports card NFT platform launched by Porsche’s company builder Forward31.

    “With NFT, we are addressing existing Porsche customers, who are often passionate collectors, as well as new, younger target groups with a high affinity for digital trends,” says Alexander Pollich, CEO of Porsche Deutschland. Pollich went on to express his excitement about the project, which was developed internally and went from the idea phase to being rolled out in a matter of months.

    The auction will be held until August 6, with all proceeds benefiting the non-profit Viva con Agua.

    Fanzone and Porsche

    While the sketch auction will be Porsche’s first foray into auctioning off an NFT, the German automaker will also launch an NFT sports card site via its Forward31 startup. Through Fanzone’s app, the platform allows users to collect and trade digital cards, which are then used in various games. Because of the nature of verifiable ownership, fans can keep these cards as digital assets that can appreciate in value.

    Christian Knörle, Porsche Digital’s Head of Company Building, says, “The demand for classic trading cards and albums has been unbroken for decades; with Fanzone, we are now digitizing this promising market.” So far, the platform has attracted the Women’s and Men’s German national soccer teams, as well as the U21 team and several players from German professional leagues.

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