• Quadency launches a new and improved cryptocurrency trading platform

  • Quadency, a New York-based technology company, has announced the complete redesign of its cryptocurrency trading and strategy automation platform.

    The platform was completely redesigned to allow users to access digital assets across both centralized and decentralized exchanges using a single account.

    Quadency’s redesigned platform is aimed at new users.

    Quadency’s proprietary platform will be enhanced with expanded automated strategies and tools, a faster, more simplified user experience, and a significant reduction in trading fees as part of the major upgrade. According to the press release, Quadency’s native token QUAD will be used to provide traders with additional fee discounts.

    The platform and its integrated exchange will provide users with a single point of access to a diverse set of assets. The company believes that making it easy to access both centralized and decentralized sources will address market fragmentation issues, which are a major source of pain in the crypto industry.

    Quadency will also use a unique revenue model based on its native QUAD token. The token will be used to compensate users who help the crypto ecosystem by staking or sharing a bot strategy. This model will not only generate new revenue for the company, but it will also lower the cost of using the platform for end users. Incentives in the form of QUAD tokens will eliminate the monthly subscriptions and high costs that traders face on competing platforms.

    “Cryptocurrency is a burgeoning market, expected to grow from $2.5 trillion today to more than $10 trillion in the coming years,” said Rosh Singh, Quadency’s co-founder and CEO. “However, many early investment opportunities have been largely out of reach for the average trader, hampered by untrustworthy tools, fragmented markets, and complex technologies.” At Quadency, we aim to simplify this access, allowing a new wave of investors to enter.”

    Quadency has formed partnerships with leading exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, and Liquid as part of its revamping efforts. During the revamping process, users will be able to use Quadency’s services for free thanks to the partnerships.

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