• Quantus Gallery is bringing NFTs to the masses in London

  • Quantus Gallery, located in the artistic Shoreditch district of central London, is preparing its first dedicated NFT exhibition. A gathering spot for art enthusiasts to examine the finest creations and learn about the inner workings of the NFT universe.

    Quantus aspires to create a synthesis of two universes. The often-intimidating location of the non-fungible with the physical plane’s familiar brick and mortar surrounds. Inside, visitors can gaze upon fantastical digital artworks from a variety of outstanding producers, interacting with the medium in a traditional setting.

    Furthermore, with the anticipation that many guests will be new to the NFT scene, Quantus will provide educational services. As a result, it will have a team of professionals on hand to not only answer questions, but also to lead interested visitors through the various parts of the sector. This contains price guidance, NFT decreases, and the methods of the crypto wallet.

    Throughout the month, art experts and casual observers can visit the Quantus Gallery to view its diverse collection of NFTs. The official big launch, however, will take place on March 23. So, get your glad-rags ready for some high-brow, art-themed merriment.

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