• Rarible Messenger: The New NFT Marketplace Feature Is A Game Changer

  • The NFT market Rarible has made a splash by introducing a new messenger feature to its platform. Users will be able to communicate with one another without the need for a third party. Rarible is clearly the first NFT marketplace to offer such a feature.

    Rarible Messenger Distinguishes Marketplace From Competitors

    Rarible Messenger will now allow marketplace users to message each other about sales, NFT collections, and other topics. Initially, Rarible only made the feature available to influencers and other prominent users of the marketplace. As a result, new users can join when someone from the service sends them a message.

    Rarible is the first major NFT marketplace to include this type of functionality on their platform. Without a doubt, this will be beneficial to users. At the moment, the majority of communication in the NFT space takes place on Twitter and Discord.

    As a result, NFT traders must take extra precautions when discussing those trades. Consider a user who wants to send a link to an NFT they are selling. Rarible messenger makes it even simpler for them to do so.

    This is huge for Rarible. Especially since no other marketplace provides the same option. To be sure, Coinbase has stated that similar features will be available in its NFT marketplace. However, no launch date for that platform has been announced.

    Rarible eventually wants to make the messenger function its own service. That is, users will be able to access the feature outside of Rarible’s marketplace. Overall, this is a significant step forward for the NFT space.

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