• Rarible Partners with Tezos Blockchain and Nori to Create Greener NFTs

  • Rarible, a purveyor of high-quality NFTs, is continuing its drive for self-improvement. First, it announced integration with the Tezos blockchain, and then it partnered with Nori, a carbon reduction platform.

    Rarible has stepped up its efforts to connect the blockchains in recent months. Attempting to create an all-encompassing platform where users can create and trade NFTs across multiple chains. Rarible took the FLOW blockchain under its wing in November. Tezos is the next project to get the Rarible treatment, and it will be available on the Rarible marketplace by mid-December.

    Members will be able to easily create and trade NFTs on the Tezos blockchain as a result of this upgrade. Additionally, allow the integration of any existing Tezos-based collections with the Rarible marketplace. All while providing lightning-fast, low-energy transactions.

    While we’re on the subject of energy, Rarible also announced a collaboration with the Carbon Offset Protocol, Nori. Members of this alliance can choose to offset the carbon footprint of any transactions they conduct. In addition, as a gesture of good faith, Rarible will foot the Nori bill for a limited time, promising to cover the cost of all transactions between November 30 and December 5.

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