• Rarify Secures a Massive $10 Million in Series A Funding

  • Rarify, an NFT development studio, has raised an astonishing $10 million in Series A funding, resulting in a business valuation of $100 million. The monies raised will allow the daring start-up to broaden its digital frontiers and ramp up its activities.

    The majority of the financing came from venture capital company Pantera, with additional assistance from Eniac Ventures, Greycroft, Hyper, and Slow Ventures, to name a few, exhibiting a high level of trust in the idea.

    Rarify is a forward-thinking new company that specializes in the establishment and maintenance of NFTs for businesses with limited technical knowledge. As a result, they provide a suite of API tools that cover a wide range of popular blockchains, minimizing the onboarding barriers that many businesses face when incorporating non-fungible tokens into their existing product lines.

    This new round of funding will allow Rarify to accelerate its expansion by swiftly expanding its workforce and delivering a range of products in collaboration with its enterprise partners.

    “We’re thrilled to be working with the Rarify team to accelerate their growth trajectory and make NFTs more accessible to businesses and, by extension, consumers.” — Pantera associate Paul Veradittakit

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