• Remember Your Loved Ones With Our Memorial Stone NFTs

  • Although the NFT market has exploded this year, there has been a distinct lack of commemorative NFTs – which is exactly what Remember is. This innovative project allows you to collect beautiful Memorial Stones as NFTs and keep them in the project’s upcoming Metaverse.

    This project is all about remembering your loved ones forever, from digital flowers to breathtaking virtual locations – so let’s get into the details.

    Remember: an NFT commemorative treasure

    Beginning December 8, we will all be able to remember our loved ones through Remember’s Memorial Stone NFTs. This exquisite collection of 5,000 3D-styled NFTs includes 100% unique stone art digital assets, each with their own breathtaking beauty.

    The collectibles, which are built on the Ethereum blockchain, have stunning nature-inspired backgrounds and magical properties. The sphere that comes with each stone represents the cycle of life and death, as well as our attachment to those we’ve lost. Meanwhile, the delicate rings that encircle the stones protect the souls of our loved ones, inspiring comfort, support, and harmony.

    Free Memorial Flowers & NFTs Utility

    However, there’s more to this than just beauty: Remember NFTs can be used in other metaverse platforms as well as social media. Holders can also add their Memorial Stone assets to the Memorial Hall. This is a virtual space where owners can display images, texts, 3D artworks, and other important files.

    The Remember official website will begin minting on December 8th. You can, however, already participate in the team’s Memorial Flower NFT minting event for free. Holders can use the lovely digital bouquets to pay tribute to the souls buried in the Memorial Hall.

    In conclusion, each Memorial Stone NFT that reminds you of a loved one will play an important role in the upcoming Remember Metaverse.

    The enchantment of an impending metaverse

    Surprisingly, the Remember Metaverse is the world’s first commemoration NFT space. In essence, this one-of-a-kind location will be a virtual graveyard where holders can create lasting memories of those they’ve lost. The metaverse, like the Memorial Stone NFTs, will include 3D-styled elements inspired by nature.

    As a result, owners will be able to display Memorial Stones in a variety of locations throughout the metaverse. The memorial site will also house the Memorial Hall, which can be used to express your gratitude for your loved ones.

    Furthermore, the Remember team intends to expand the project to other metaverses. As a result, administrators will buy land in some of the most popular metaverses to date, such as The Sandbox and Decentraland. Users will be able to enjoy a brand new series of Memorial Parks there.

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