• Revuto Introduces a Noncustodial Wallet with Free Transactions for Cardano Users

  • The Revuto blockchain startup has announced the availability of a noncustodial wallet for REVU token holders. The wallet was created in collaboration with the AdaLite creators and is available in the Revuto app for iOS and Android.

    The 1.44 ADA fee required for UTXO transactions will be covered by Revuto. This sum will be paid for by all REVU token holders. Users will be able to send their token to another wallet without having to go through the fund depositing process thanks to the developer bonus.

    The company is adhering to their initial mission of assisting the Cardano community in growing and delivering the best products possible. The mobile native wallet is a critical component of the mission. Previously, in May of this year, the Revuto token sale, which included a large number of subscribers, caused the Yoroi, a popular lightweight wallet, to crash. It was a clear indication of the need for a more stable and faster-working wallet.

    Each REVU token holder who took part in the token sale will receive 1.44 ADA. During the ICO earlier this year, REVU tokens were available. The fee covering will provide users with a straightforward experience with no hidden costs.

    The company is also looking forward to seeing its product roadmap for Q4 come to fruition. The company will make additional announcements in the future.

    Revuto’s Background

    Revuto is an active subscription management solution and Cardano’s first token offering. The blockchain startup raised $10 million, has over 2.8 million subscribers, and 150,000 active users.

    The Revuto ecosystem is intended to save people money without regard for the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Users of Revuto can subscribe to services using debit cards and a built-in wallet that accepts Cardano-native tokens. The Revuto app allows subscription management, including blocking and approval.

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