• Ringo Starr Brings the metaverse to Life with an Exclusive NFT Collection

  • Ringo Starr, the sprightly 81-year-old all-time rockstar, will take his many talents into the metaverse, creating an NFT collection and virtual gallery as he places his faith in the technical world of Web3.

    The former second-best drummer in the Beatles’ first-ever NFTs will be auctioned off on June 12 by Julien’s. Each NFT will have artwork and drum compositions developed by the rocker, as well as a signed print of the original item, and will arrive in the form of five audio visual pieces titled ‘The Creative Mind of a Beatle.’

    In total, 20 NFTs will be released, with five designs of four editions each, with an unsurprisingly psychedelic riot of color affording a window into the mind of one of rock’s most iconic performers. Each item will begin with a $1,000 opening bid in order to pique the excitement of his legions of admirers. Ringo’s share of the revenues will go to the Lotus Foundation’s charity endeavors.

    In addition to Ringo’s metaverse escapades, the ‘Starr’ will establish his own gallery within the Spatial framework, allowing admirers to explore his masterpieces in a stunning digital setting. Owners of the aforementioned Ringo NFTs will also gain access to a virtual meet and greet with the rock legend himself.

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